Activity Report 2022-2023 Commandery St. Sunniva Norway

Activity Report 2022-2023 Commandery St. Sunniva Norway



Commandery St. Sunniva of Norway. Ås Maltesergruppe and Østfold Maltesergruppe.

Activity Report 2022-2023



Oscarsborg Marine Fortress 2nd of September

The Oscarsborg day is organized for children who have or have had cancer and their families. This day is meant to be a small respite in an otherwise busy and sometimes challenging everyday life. The day took place on September 2nd, and we were very fortunate with the weather. After a rather cold summer, we had a warm summer day and a calm sea, which was excellent for all the activities that awaited. The children and their families could go on a helicopter ride, a fast RIB boat tour, fishing, or swimming.


Akershus Fortress Oslo 9th of September

In the photos: Retrieval of goods early on Saturday morning at Coop Extra Raveien in Ås, where Erik and Wojtek received a thank-you diploma/gold ribbon (for Oscarsborgdagen, where they also provided barbecue food). Arrival with a tight salute from the guards at Akershus Fortress. Also included are pictures from inside and outside.

On Saturday, September 9, the twelfth «The Great Ball Day 2023» was held at Akershus Fortress. This is a day for patients, relatives, and survivors. The event took place in the Fanehallen and Artilleriloftet, organized by the Radium Hospital Sarcoma Group and the Sarcoma Association. Members of the Ås Maltese Group, along with assistants, contributed for the eleventh consecutive year. Over 300 sausages/hamburgers were grilled in collaboration with the Armed Forces Veterans (Veteran meets Veteran) led by team leader «Pekka.» Our team assisted with serving, cleaning, and other tasks during the event. Children, youth, and participants enjoyed rides in military veteran jeeps from the Little-Detroit of Norway Club. Club leader Jan Henry Løken from Ås brought a tracked vehicle.

We thank all our partners, Orkla, VIF Society/VIF Football (for two signed t-shirts), TT Micro for gifts for the quiz, the motorcycle club «FN Veterans.» Special thanks to Brother Knut, who arranged for Jørn Hoel to hold a mini concert.

Thanks to all our big and small volunteers wearing orange vests, and especially thanks to our Bjørn-Ingar for transporting all equipment to Radium Hospital in the evening.

Save the Children Ås and The Church in Ås – annual markets with clothes/shoes and equipment 16th of October

Save the Children Ås and the Church in Ås organizes a spring market and a fall market.

The fall market this year took place on the last weekend of October, with a total turnover of 207,000 NOK and a surplus of over 50,000 NOK – all donated to Save the Children in Ås. Over 50 volunteers, along with 6-8 students from Ås Junior High School, dedicated their efforts on both Friday and Saturday. Save the Children committee also made significant contributions. As usual, the Ås Maltese Group served as guards, ensuring the distribution of clothing and footwear to those in need. Two times a year.

Micro AS

Micro AS in Oslo, one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of mobile accessories and DAB products, is a generous company and one of our major contributors over the years. They have made donations to Leisure Leader Thora Kollenborg at Radium Hospital, the Ball Cancer Day at Akershus Fortress, and several of our aid projects. Many children and youth have received a little bright spot in their challenging everyday lives.


One of Norway’s largest food wholesalers annually contributes sweets to Radium Hospital and our activities.


Oslo’s elite football club contributes gifts to the Radium Hospital, free tickets and gifts to our activities. A thousand thanks to Vålerenga Football and Vålerenga Society, who contribute signed player jerseys every year for the Ball Cancer Day at Akershus Fortress, taking place tomorrow, September 9. A thank-you diploma from the Sarcoma Forum at Radium Hospital was presented to Managing Director Jannicke Aas at Vålerenga Society by Ås Maltese Group’s VIF representative Trond Simarud.
VIF is not just an elite football club but is involved in many significant social projects such as Vålerenga Against Racism and Job Chance – a work training program for youth outside the job market or school. Ås Maltese Group is delighted that VIF/VIF Society has been one of our most important partners for over 20 years.

Høybråten Painting Club and Studio Community

Høybråten Maleklubb (Høybråten Painting Club) has contributed with knitted hats for many years, and it was with great joy that we could hand over 172 knitted hats this autumn. The hats are used by children and young people who lose their hair during treatment. Høybråten Maleklubb delivers several times a year and is now up to 2039 knitted hats.

Norway’s largest and finest amusement park Tusenfryd

For years, they have contributed to ensuring that children and young people who are in for «tough» treatment at Radiumhospitalet get a welcome break in the park.

The Værn Group

TheVærn Group has for several years contributed funds for the purchase of gifts for children and young people undergoing challenging treatment during the Christmas month. They have also provided electronic drawing tablets for the youngest children.

Kalnes Regional Hospital, Childrens unit. (avd. Østfold)

Several times a year, and especially at Christmas time and the start of school, we collect money, buy products at a reasonable price from surplus stores, and put together gifts that have both doubled and tripled in value.

Åsebråten Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Care in Fredrikstad (avd. Østfold)

It has been a pleasure to be able to provide gifts and games to children and young people who need extra stimulation in their everyday lives.

Blue Cross Fredrikstad, The Childrens station. (avd. Østfold)

Østfold Maltese Group has a collaboration with Blue Cross children station in Fredrikstad. This is an organization that helps families with various challenges, where togetherness and the social community are central. Through activities, they creates joy and mastery for the children, and safety and a sense of belonging for both children, parents, and the entire family. The child is at the center of the program, but older siblings and parents are also welcome to join in many of the activities.

It was therefore a great joy to be able to invite 50 people from the Blue Cross program to “Klatring på grensen” in Halden. We rented a bus that transported the families to the climbing park, where the sun was shining and expectations were high. The families received a climbing course along with their children, and they could participate as a family in all the courses. This climbing park consists of many different courses with varying levels of difficulty, so there was something to challenge both young and old. They also had large trampolines and zip lines that people could try.  Many children truly experienced a sense of achievement; it was a true joy to see.






















































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