“Goodie bags” for the teens currently hospitalized at Kalnes

“Goodie bags” for the teens currently hospitalized at Kalnes

Fin omtale av Østfold Gruppe på side 25 og 26 i International Herald.

Once more the chilling winter is upon us. What better way to give some warmth to those in need of attention than to contribute to a well-being weekend at the children’s wing at the regional hospital of Kalnes.

Different outlet shops systematically searched for makeup- and spa products at wholesale for maximum output regarding the input of money.

Then our designated makeup experts, Aurora and Mina took it upon themselves to arrange the perfect “Goodie bags” for the teens currently hospitalized at Kalnes. The “Goodie bags” contain a wide range of cosmetic and well-being products wrapped in a nice gift bag. When the job was done the total count was 20 bags filled to the edge.

At the hospital, division leader Ellen and preschool teacher Linda meet up with us at the usual pick-up point at the normal time. They were very excited and thankful for the gifts that we delivered. They made sure to underline that these gifts mean a lot to the sick children hospitalized and that these “goodie bags” are very popular with teens. It gives them an opportunity to focus on something else, and for a while, they can just put on makeup, freshen up, and let their dreams take them away for the moment. We at the same time are very grateful for the cooperation with the hospital, and the opportunity to give some small gift that really matters, and feels personal for both the giver and receiver.

“Climbing at the border”
This is a very popular destination for children in the region. It is a large park with numerous threeclimbing trails and activities in the forest close to the Swedish border. Due to a very generous donation from the “Solåsens venner” foundation we are able to invite 50 children from the Blue Cross children’s station to participate in a full-day trip to this park, including transport, food, and beverage. This will occur in May, and a full article will be sent to the International Herald later.

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